Hire the best remote engineers, fast. 

Globote matches you with the top 1% of the remote engineers in and outside the US and manages all legal, compliance, tax, payroll matters so you can hire the best talent, effortlessly, for cheaper rates.

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Hire the best pre-vetted engineers

Our pre-vetting process filters and shows you the top 1% to 2% of engineers that apply to find jobs through us. 

Let us handle the hard work

We partner with Employee on Record services and take care of all the legal, compliance, payroll, tax matters involved in hiring full-time, overseas, talent. 

Pay only if you hire 

Depending on who you hire and the pay you offer them, we charge 10%-15% of their first year base salary only if you end up hiring through us.


Q) What do you do?

A) We provide a complete hiring solution to help you hire and build remote teams of engineers outside the US. We find, vet engineers and take care of all compliance related matters so you can hire full-time, remote employees, seamlessly.

Q) How do you vet engineers?

A) All the engineers on our platform go through at least 3 screens - an algorithmic assessment round, a take-home project development round and a final communication skills round. We present to you the top 1%-2% of the engineers that go through this process. 

Q) What is the payment structure?

A) We charge 15%-20% of the engineer's annual salary when you hire one through us. If you're hiring a team of 3 or more engineers through us, we can lower the rate we charge.

Q) What if the engineer you help me hire quits soon?

A) If the engineer you hire through us leaves within 3 months, we help you hire another an engineer for free or return the amount we charged you.

Q) When can I start hiring through you?

A) We will start working with a limited number of companies at this moment and work with more in the very near future.

Q) I'm interested, but I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

A) Send us an email at exchangeuapp@gmail.com and we will answer any questions you have!